Let’s start with the outside – a high quality metal box that keeps everything inside safe and sound from the rough and tumble of international travel.


Once you open up the tin, you will find everything you need to perform three Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests.


3 x sterile Malaria Rapid Test cassettes

For the detection of plasmodium falciparum (the most deadly strain) and the 3 other common strains of malarial parasite – P.vivax, P.ovale and P.malariae.

1 x 6ml dropper bottle of Malaria Buffer

This fluid dilutes the blood within the test cassette during the test. Place 3 drops – about 180 microlitres – into buffer well “B” on the test cassette.

5 x sterile fingertip swabs

1 for each test and 2 spares. These are used to sterilise the fingertip prior to using the safety lancet.

5 x sterile and painless safety lancets

1 for each test and 2 spares. These are used to draw a drop of blood from a fingertip (and they really are painless). After use the needle automatically retracts into the plastic body making needlestick injuries impossible and also preventing re-use. Read User Guide carefully on how to detach the grey cap which arms the device for use.

5 x single-use plastic pipettes

1 for each test and 2 spares. These are used to transfer five micro-litres (that’s a really tiny drop) of blood from the fingertip to sample well “S” in the test cassette.

5 x sterile washproof plasters.

1 for each test and 2 spares. For dressing the fingertip after the lancet has been used.

1 x pair of single-use latex gloves

Just in case you want to get a friend or colleague to help you with a test.

1 x temporary bio-medical waste storage bag.

For the safe storage of test materials until proper disposal in an appropriate medical waste bin.


And some really useful other stuff that you should read before travel.

1x List of Contents

So you know what all the different pieces are for when you open the tin.

1x Know your enemy: A guide to Malaria for international travellers

This 16 page educational guide focuses on the practical steps you can take to manage your own personal malaria risk

1x Step by Step User Guide

A 12 page fold out booklet that offer a very easy step by step guide to taking a malaria rapid diagnostic test and understanding the test results.

1x Emergency Travel Contacts and Information Card

For noting down emergency contact numbers, insurance policy details etc. Always useful to have a written record for when you lose your phone or your battery is dead.

1x Rapid Diagnostic Test manufacturer’s product insert